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Are Storms Getting More Frequent and Intense?

    Claims that storms, hurricanes or tropical cyclones are becoming more frequent or intense are made very often, but have no basis in observations.

    As the data compiled by Dr. Ryan Maue shows, there is no increase in the frequency of major (category 4 or 5) or minor hurricanes in the Atlantic. Since we can see no increase in the ratio of major hurricanes, it is clear that there has been no increase in intensity either.

    The same is true of storms at the global scale.

    And the measure of Accumulated Cyclone Energy also shows that there is no evidence of a climate change signal.

    A recent study published in the journal Nature Communications found that

    … there are no significant increases in either basin-wide [Atlantic hurricanes] or [major hurricane] frequency, or in the [Atlantic hurricane]/[Major hurricane] ratio for the Atlantic basin between 1878 and 2019 (when the U.S. Signal Corps started tracking [North Atlantic major hurricanes]).

    and that,

    The homogenized basin-wide [Atlantic hurricane] and [major hurricane] record does not show strong evidence of a century-scale increase in either [major hurricane] frequency or [Atlantic hurricane]/[major hurricane] ratio associated with the century-scale, greenhouse-gas-induced warming of the planet.

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