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Modelling & Simulation

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Computer modelling, or simulation, is one of the most controversial aspects of the global warming and climate change debate. Models are used to estimate the effect of CO2 on the atmosphere, and the first and further-order effects of global warming. Some scientists even believe that modelling can predict how things like crime and conflict will… Read More »Modelling & Simulation

Global Warming

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Articles in this category examine the basic science and statistics of global warming. Note that though the terms ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ are often used interchangeably, this site treats them as distinct categories. Articles here are about only the phenomena that contribute to global warming, including human influences.

Climate Change

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On this site, we refer to the claimed direct effects of global warming as climate change. Articles in this category examine the arguments and evidence that the planet is changing in response to global warming. All of our articles about the subject of climate change effects are listed below.

Climate Impacts

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Climate impacts are the effects of climate change and are distinct from, but caused by, climate changes. For example, environmentalists and some scientists claim that changes in the climate such as a heatwaves or more violent storms, have consequences for the functioning of ecosystems and the survival of species.

Climate Crisis

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Environmentalists claim that we are facing a ‘climate crisis’ or ‘climate emergency’, which is leading to a catastrophic breakdown of society. In this category, we consider the claims about climate impacts’ effects on society.

Climate Policy

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In this category of articles, we examine governments’ attempts to solve the problem of climate change using legislation, either attempting to encourage the development of new ‘green’ technology, or reducing emissions by placing caps on industries, or by changing individuals’ behaviour.