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“Toxic” Air

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In the middle of the last decade, the issue of climate change began to merge with claims that air pollution in cities had created a public health crisis. The public had shown little appetite for climate policies that would restrict their mobility and likely price them off the road and this was creating an impasse.… Read More »“Toxic” Air

Can climate policy be democratic?

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Environmentalism has a difficult relationship with democracy. Claims that the planet can only be saved by a radical transformation of society rarely, if ever, state the need to persuade voters of the case for such changes. Consequently, there is no real culture of democracy within the green movement. According to an article (now removed, but… Read More »Can climate policy be democratic?

Is China really ‘green’?

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According to the World Economic Forum, China is a global leader in investment in “energy transition investment”: China increased its overall energy transition investment by 60% from 2020 levels, further cementing its position as a global leader. The country’s wind and solar capacity increased by 19% in 2021, with electrified transport also accounting for a… Read More »Is China really ‘green’?

Is Wind Power “9 Times Cheaper Than Gas”?

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In the wake of the recent natural gas price crisis, politicians and campaigners have claimed that wind power is “nine times cheaper” than power produced from gas plants. The origin of the claim is the green-billionaire funded eco-propaganda blog, Carbon Brief, which published an article in July 2022 comparing wholesale electricity prices with “strike prices”… Read More »Is Wind Power “9 Times Cheaper Than Gas”?

Will Net Zero Reduce Domestic Energy Bills?

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Many politicians and activists claim that enforcing Net Zero compliance on households will ultimately reduce their energy bills. But retrofitting homes with insulation and heat pumps, and other “energy efficiency” measures is not cheap. According to the UK Parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee of MPs, the current government has significantly underestimated the costs of making homes… Read More »Will Net Zero Reduce Domestic Energy Bills?

Is Climate Change Killing People?

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Natural disasters are one of the least significant mortality risk factors in the world. But is the problem getting better or worse? There has clearly been a significant fall in the number of deaths caused by natural disasters, including extreme weather, over the 20th Century. The number of people killed by natural disasters today is… Read More »Is Climate Change Killing People?